Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To sell Your Property Online: E-Marketing Property: E-Marketing Of Real Estate And Product Property

Changing life cycle trends and access to the internet have changed the waves properties are marketed.  Today prospective buyers and tenants need no longer visit countless properties in order to draw up a short list and make an offer. Instead the property owner, can e-mail the digital photographs and dimensions of a particular property to the state agent. For newer properties computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings can also be sent.
Here are tips on the kind of information that should be e-mailed to real estates agents:


1) Scan of the floor plan and the frontage and depth of the house.
2) Expose the front elevation, the lawn,the car porch and servant quarters.
3) Include dimensions of all bedrooms, attached bathrooms and TV lounge(s).
4) Photos of the neighborhood.


1) The facade of the building.
2) Photographs of the showroom, shop or the complete office space.
3) If a furniture premise, photographs the fixtures, fittings and furniture.
4) Include the floor plan which should mention the gross and net covered areas.


1) The floor plan and technical drawings of the industry, highlighting information such as distance between pillars, height of roof, details of concealed writing, etc.
2) Photographs of the front, back and side road of the property.
3) Photographs of the office blocks, sheds and machinery.

After receiving the information, the estate agent will store the specification of the property on his/her computer will show the details to the prospective buyer.tenant on the monitor.
The seller will only be contacted if the property has been short listed, saving all concerned precious time.
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