Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tips To Do Economical Real Estate Investment

whenever you go for real estate investment, one way of reducing costs while building a house is by sticking to simple structural elements using good quality materials. It will not only reduce construction costs, your house will be easier to maintain.
In Real Estate Investment to keep structural design sound, simple and economical, consider the following:
  • No Split levels. Ensure that all the rooms in the house are built  on the same level; avoid sunken lounge spaces and split levels.
  • Staircases. Spiral staircases cost more than standard ones and take longer to build.
  • Windows. Standard windows sizes (measuring three by four feet) are functional and affordable. Larger windows require more material, (e.g. additional cost of grills and frames)/ Similarly, odd shaped windows (e.g. arched or round) are more expensive.
  • Ceilings. Double-height and false ceilings, as well as pitched and sloping roofs are more expensive in terms of designing, material and specialized labor.
  • Bathrooms and Kitchens. Position bathrooms and kitchens against exterior walls; they will require exhaust ducts and pipes. In double-story houses, make sure that bathrooms and/or kitchens on both floors are above each other; this will reduce plumbing costs in real estate investment.
  • Flooring. Keep flooring material consistent throughout the house; this will allow you to buy material in bulk at reduced rates. Porcelain tiles are a good option and easy to maintain.
  • Paint. Using the same color will allow you to buy paint in bulk at a discount. Choose standard colors; they are cheaper than custom-made colors, and make repainting the house less tedious, as they are readily available. Invest in a good brand that is long lasting. Do consider textured wall paint as an option; although it is more expensive for real estate investment but it lasts longer.
  • Exteriors. Cladding exterior walls with bricks and using weather resistant or textured paint are highly recommended, because although they are more expensive than regular paint, they are virtually maintenance free and long lasting.