Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pre-Fabricated Construction

Although pre-fabricated construction has been deployed for centuries around the world, only now it is gaining traction tremendously.
In a nutshell pre-fabricated construction is the practice of manufacturing the components of a structure (such as walls, floors and roofs) at a factory, and the transporting them to the construction site where they are assembled to create a couple structure after the foundation has been built onsite.

In this way pre-fabricated construction distinguishes itself from the more conventional practice of transporting raw materials (such as cement and steel bars) to the construction site where they are mixed with other materials and / or modified.

Pre-fabricated construction is ideal for sites where storage area is limited, due to size of the plot or because of a lack of open space around the construction site , and can be utilized for building houses, hospitals, offices and factories.

The Advantages of pre-fabricated construction include:

  • ·       For the most part it is cheaper than traditional construction, as labor costs and construction time are substantially lower.
  • ·       Components are manufactured at a factory, so the need for form work shuttering and scaffolding is greatly reduced onsite. This ensures strict quality control and easier manageability.
  • ·       Wastage of material is reduced due to better quality of control; pilferage is also reduced as it is more likely to occur at an open construction site.

The disadvantages of pre-fabricated construction include:
  • ·       Greater expertise is required to make sure that the components are fixed perfectly; otherwise air leaks can occur inside the structure which can result in a host of issues such as water seepage and increased heat. Similarly heavy duty cranes are required to handle and assemble the components require expertise.
  • ·       If building components are manufactured far away from the construction site, transportation costs can sometimes be higher.

Ultimately, pre-fabricated construction is quicker and more cost effective compared to traditional construction. And with rising construction costs, it is something that developer should consider utilizing.