Saturday, December 11, 2010

I-9 Industrial Area: Steel Mills In Pakistan

Sector I-9 is one of the few sectors in Islamabad that is not purely residential. It has an industrial aspect in the shape of sub-sector I-9/3, most of the Steel Mills In Pakistan are situated there, the sector is also knows as Industrial Area I-9.
Boundaries are: Islamabad Dry port, Sector H-9(north), sector I-9/4 and I-9/1 residential areas, I-9 Markaz(south) sector I-8, 9th Avenue(east) and Sector I-10(west).
Industrial Area I-9 is known for its 'go downs'; some of the major national and multinational companies have their storage facilities located there. These companies include those dealing in electronics, heavy machinery, oil, and pharmaceuticals. Other bushiness come in the form of rice mills and steel mills.
The proximity of residential areas means that the Capital Development Authority imposes strict guidelines on industry owners with respect to environment protection. The roads and streets are especially wide so as to accommodate heavy traffic. The area is easily accessible through the major link roads, such as the Kashmir Highway, Islamabad Expressway and the IJP road. These roads also provide easy access to the Motorway.
Storage space can be bought and rented. Although sizes range from 1,111 to 5,555 square yards the most commonly available sizes are 2,700 and 3,300 square yards.

  • 2,700 square yards: 45 to 65 million rupees.
  • 3,300 square yards: 55 to 75 million rupees.
Rentals are calculated on the basis of total covered area. The rental value ranges between 22 to 25 rupees per square foot.
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