Sunday, May 27, 2012

Real Estate Investment in Basement Businesses

Basements are gaining traction in Pakistan as a best real estate investment. Basement are as commercial and retail spaces, and a as a result, they are no longer dingy areas without adequate ventilation or lighting. In fact, many new real estate developments, large and small, include pleasant, well ventilated, adequately lit basements with easily accessible entrances ad emergency exits.
The reason for this is that many commercial areas prohibit construction above a prescribed height, and in such cases, basements provide extra floor space, which means higher property value and rental yield for landlords amounting to approximately 10-15% more compared to buildings without basements. Furthermore, because basements are available at lower rental rates than ground level shops, they make better financial sense for small businesses.
Basements in Pakistan are usually used in two ways:
1. Parking or storage spaces in large and mid sized commercial buildings. Although parking space can be found in the basements of high-end shopping malls, retail businesses, restaurants/cafes and bakeries in mid-sized buildings usually rent or purchase ground-level shops that have an attached basement to use as storage space or kitchens.
2. Commercial/retail spaces in smaller buildings. An array of businesses are now housed in basements, small offices, clinics, salons, gyms, and even tuition centers are operating out of well designed basements in smaller, newer buildings.
Covered area of basements include: 80, 120, 160, 200, 300, 500, 600, 800  and 1,000 square feet.
The pricing structure (in rupees per square foot) for commercial/retail spaces is as follows:

City                               Purchase Price                  Monthly Rental
Karachi                             4,400-13,500                  17-18
Lahore                              5,120-13,700                   19-79
Islamabad                         5,600-14,400                    20-80

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Real Estate Investment in Quetta with just Rs. 10 Million

Surrounded by mountains, Quetta was once knows as "Lille London" due to it's cooler climes. Although Quetta isn't as idyllic as it once was, demand for real estate there is high, primarily due to the influx of migrants from neighboring areas, and it was considered to be the best place for real estate investment.
Here is a look at houses in upscale and well-maintained residential areas in Quetta that can be purchased for Rs. 10 million or less:
1. Cantonment was established in the late 1800s, during the British occupation. It is located on the outskirts of the city. Several recreational venues have a presence there (including the Quetta Club, several sports grounds and a shooting range), as do Command and Staff College, FG Federal College, Chiltan Market and Serena Hotel
Plot Size (sq yds)                            Purchase Price (Rs)
75                                                      3-3.4 million
125                                                    4-4.5 million
250                                                    7-10 million

2. Chaman Housing Scheme was established in 1979. It is located six miles from the city center. Home primarily to foreign dignitaries, it has modern houses and a good infrastructure. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is located there.
Plot Size (sq yds)                            Purchase Price (Rs)
75                                                      3-4 million
125                                                    4.4-6 million
250                                                    9-10 million

3. Emaan City is one of Quetta's newest developments. Located near the PAF base, this gated community has good infrastructure in addition to a commercial market, park and an independent water supply.

Plot Size (sq yds)                            Purchase Price (Rs)
120                                                    2.5-3 million
140                                                    2.5-3.2 million
240                                                    3-5 million
267                                                    3.5-5.5 million

4. Satellite Town was established in the 1970s. It is located near Munni Market, one of the Quetta's prominent markets and Sariab Road, a popular commercial hub. Educational institutions in Satellite Town include the University of Balochistan.

Plot Size (sq yds)                            Purchase Price (Rs)
75                                                      3-4 million
125                                                    4.5-6 million
250                                                    7.5-10 million

There are golden Rea Estate Investment opportunities in Quetta, and it is strongly recommended to invest in Quetta if one is looking for good IRR. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A House For Mother: Best Real Estate Investment in Post Modernist Approach

Out of all the movements in architecture, the post modernist movement specially in real estate investment could arguably, be the most exciting. And on Mother's Day, it is appropriate to mention the Vanna Venturi House, designed by the renowned architect Robert Venturi for his mother, in the 1960s. The house is now considered to be the symbol of post modernist architecture.
At the time , the most pervasive form of architecture was modernist - a product of industrialization, governed by rigid and structured rules such as strictly functional columns and block-shaped building.
Venturi was critical of these rigid rules, going so far as to mock the "less is bore" modernist maxim (coined by Mies Van Der Rohe), by saying "less is bore". It was a rebellion he detailed in his book, Complexity and Contradiction in Architecture.
The Vanna Venturi House was an attempt to defeat modernism's idea that the scale of a house reflects its size. Venturi's design manipulated that the sight lines by guiding them along a would-be chimney and stretching the front facade of the house horizontally. What resulted was a house that looked bigger than it actually was, causing it to become known as "The biggest small building of the second half of the 20th century."
Post modernist architecture has also enjoyed fame in our part of the world and architects continue to experiment with the concept. For example, the 27-storey Antila Tower in Mumbai, India, considered the world's most expensive residence, looks like a house made by Ikea with its vertical, open box design. In Pakistan too, the design for the Centaurus Tower carries elements of deconstructivist design - an idea which comes from the 'anything goes' attitude of post-modernism.
Evidence for the acceptance of post-modernism in the Subcontinent can also be seen in growing number of architects working on projects such as Rashid Latif Medical College, as well as the many new houses that carry elements of post-modernist architecture.
As a concept which stems from the rebellion against what is traditional, the emergence of post modernist architecture in the Subcontinent might be a sign of the coming times.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Best Real Estate Investment in the Summer Holiday's

As the summer sets in, the demand for holiday homes across world wide increases. According to real estate investment experts, three categories of homes are gaining traction around the globe: chalets, farmhouses and seaside bungalows (beach huts). Chalets and farmhouses can be found in different parts of the world, while huts are only available along the coastlines, primarily in Karachi, Gawadar and Ormara. They can be purchased or rented, and are available furnished or unfurnished. Without any doubt these could be best real estate investment in the upcoming summer season.
1. Chalets are usually located within city limits, on the scenic grounds of well as a kitchenette can can accommodate between two and four people. Facilities include private swimming pools and jacuzzi. Plot Sizes: 100-250 sq yds. Purchase price: Rs. 405-13 million (Karachi); Rs 4.4-12 million (Lahore); 5-15 million (Islamabad); Daily Rental: Rs 1,500-20,000 (Karachi); Rs. 2,500-17,000 (Lahore); 2,000-30,000 (Islamabad).
2. Farmhouses are usually located on city outskirts and are built on large plots. They generally comprise four to six bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. They can accommodate between eight and 10 people. Modern farmhouses provide facilities such as cable TV, Internet access, and swimming pools. Farmhouses communities also offer nature-based recreational activities such as hiking, horse riding and fruit picking. Plot Sizes: 1,000-10,000 sq yds. Purchase Price: Rs 4-75 million (Karachi); Rs 5-100 million (Lahore); 7-80 million (Islamabad). Daily Rental: Rs 4,200-30,000 (Karachi); Rs 4,000-37,000 (Lahore); Rs 3,500-32,000 (Islamabad).
3. Beach Huts are located along the coast and range from basic 'huts' built on small plots on buy public beaches to luxurious villas located on comparatively secluded beaches. Luxury beach huts can usually accommodate up to 10 people and comprise up to four bedrooms and bathrooms, swimming pools and kitchen. Plot Sizes: 180-245 sq yds. Purchase price: Rs 2.5-9 million (Karachi). Daily Rental: Rs 1,000-30,000 (Karachi).
These were some of the best real estate investment tips in the upcoming summer season of around the globe.