Monday, July 19, 2010

How To Resolve The Issue Of Inherited Property

 When property owner do not transfer the the Title of property to their legal heirs(blood relative) while they are alive, or fail to leave a "will" stating who the ownership will pass to, problem arise for legal heirs when they try to claim the property after the property owner's death.
Currently, in order to inherit the property legally, heirs have to obtain a letter of Administration(in case a person dead after making a will;this letter establishes the right of the executor to execute the will) or a succession certificate (in case the person has died intestate- leaving no legal will); both documents are issued by the relevant court of law. However these legal procedures are rarely enforced, and as a result legal heirs usually face a variety of problems which include:

1)Possession Of Property:

Legal heirs who are not living in the property, or do not have physical possession of it, are unable to claim the property as their own.

2)Sale Of Inherited Property:

Legal heirs are unable to agree on the sale value of a property, as each legal heir might consult a different estate agent in order to obtain the maximum price.

3)Distribution Of Appropriate Shares:

If the inherited property is sold in the open market,it is seldom that each legal heir receives his/her due shares.
To avoid such difficulties, now legislation is needed which should require legal heir(s) in possession of the property to submit the list of names of the remaining legal heir(s)- within 90 days of the death of the property owner. He/she should also be required to file an application in the relevant court of law to obtain a letter of Administration or Succession certificate, as the case may be.
If this is not done, it should be considered a willful default and illegal possession by those legal heirs who are in the possession of inherited property with the intention of neither settling the matter with nor giving due share to other legal heirs; the government should also set a side penalty for such acts.
This will not resolve the issue of inherited properties within a specific time period, but will also save legal heirs from stress, aggravation, a sense of deprivation, and injustice. Once enforced this procedure will also discourage legal heirs from taking take the law in their own hands to settle property disputes.
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

How To sell Your Property Online: E-Marketing Property: E-Marketing Of Real Estate And Product Property

Changing life cycle trends and access to the internet have changed the waves properties are marketed.  Today prospective buyers and tenants need no longer visit countless properties in order to draw up a short list and make an offer. Instead the property owner, can e-mail the digital photographs and dimensions of a particular property to the state agent. For newer properties computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings can also be sent.
Here are tips on the kind of information that should be e-mailed to real estates agents:


1) Scan of the floor plan and the frontage and depth of the house.
2) Expose the front elevation, the lawn,the car porch and servant quarters.
3) Include dimensions of all bedrooms, attached bathrooms and TV lounge(s).
4) Photos of the neighborhood.


1) The facade of the building.
2) Photographs of the showroom, shop or the complete office space.
3) If a furniture premise, photographs the fixtures, fittings and furniture.
4) Include the floor plan which should mention the gross and net covered areas.


1) The floor plan and technical drawings of the industry, highlighting information such as distance between pillars, height of roof, details of concealed writing, etc.
2) Photographs of the front, back and side road of the property.
3) Photographs of the office blocks, sheds and machinery.

After receiving the information, the estate agent will store the specification of the property on his/her computer will show the details to the prospective buyer.tenant on the monitor.
The seller will only be contacted if the property has been short listed, saving all concerned precious time.
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soccer World Cup Win Can Boost The Netherlands Economy

If Holland wins Sundays world cup final, the Netherlands economy could be boosted by up to 3.8 billion euros as the Dutch spends more when they are on high, economists says.
Economist predict that's a Dutch victory in soccer wold cup final will add .5 per cent of the gross domestic product to the economy over the next year. If Netherlands will wins on Sunday evening that will be good for Dutch self-confidence, which is good for consumer confidence.
Charles Kalshoven, chief economist for Duct Bank ING, said euphoric moments have proved in the past prompted the Dutch to loosen their pursue settings. :It is a psychological effect. We also see it when the weather is good. When it is a long rainy winter, consumer confidence is lower." Kalshoven however was more cautious about the windfall in case of a world cup victory, forecasting as additional 700 million euros in consumer spending to the end of this year a rise of .25 per cent.
The amounted to a boost of 0.1 per cent to the economy, he said, about 600 million euros : as some of the benefit will leak abroad". When the feels-good factors kicks in we can expect that people ill make some of those large purchases that they have been postponing.
Bloemer said victory would improve the Netherlands economy, generally contributing to long term consumer and investor confidence.
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Interest In Art As Investment: Experts Opinion About Art Investment

 Unlike the West, interest in art as investment is at a nascent stage in Pakistan. Answering questions on investment basics, three galleries directors in Karachi, Sameera Raja of Canvas, Riffat Alvi of VM and Seemah Niaz of Unicorn voice their opinions about consumer attitudes and art awareness levels.

 Is Art Investment On the Rise Now?

Sameera Raja: Art investment has taken a nose dive since the recession. Personally, I feel this is positive, as earlier all kinds of works being acquired as investment with no understanding of their quality or caliber of the artist. the buyer now has become more disconcerting and capable of shifting chaff from grain.

Riffat Alvi: Art investment  is a seller market these days, old buyers are cashing in on previous investments and most new buyers are buying with the intention of gaining rapid returns.

What Advice Would You Give To First Time Investors?

Sameera Raja: I have always maintained that your acquisition should foremost be based on personal liking. You have to live with the works; if you do not love it, do not buy it.

Seemah Niaz: Buy good contemporary art that appeals to you. It will automatically enhance in value.

Do Buyers Invest Primarily In The Reputation And Ranking Of An Artist, Or The Aesthetic Value Of An Art Piece?

Sameerah raja: People buy art for both reason aesthetic and social, while some buy it for investment purposes as well. There are very few collectors in Pakistan, though the term is used very often and loosely to encompass all buyers. Each of these patrons acquires art for his/her reasons, which i felt are self explanatory.

Riffat Alvi: It is the aesthetics of the art object that impact or the buyers at first sight.

Seemah Niaz: Mainly for the reputation, unfortunately.
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Saturday, July 3, 2010

How To Do Personal Financial Management:Importance Of personal financial Management

Personal Finance is a new term which is getting popularity now a days. In Personal Finance Banking, Career and Work, Family, Insurance, Loans, Retirements and Real Estate are included.
Actually life is really became so tough, and no one has surety of safe future for that everyone is trying to invest in a very good place where he can get vast number of opportunities in the future and where he will be able to get maximum output in the future. For this reason the term Personal Finance getting fame around the globe and its importance is increasing.
I cannot describe and elaborate the Personal Finance in only one article but i will try to write more about Personal Finance and its importance.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How To Get Ridd Off Bad Debt,Bad Debt Expenses And Bad Debt Loan

In this article i will discuss about debt, that what is this and how it creates problem for us and how to get rid off this. Debt is actually a loan which we take from Bank or from any finance provider. We take actually to run our businesses or take to expand our operations. Now a days bad debt is becoming problem for a common man, who take debt to get the facilities of life such as car and Home etc.
Save Yourself From Bad Debt:
              If you want to save yourself from bad debt then first thing which you must have to do is always take debt according to your need. Do not take more debt then you need, also see whether the interest amount is easy for you to pay off or not.
Secondly you should be careful about the pay off installment on time. You should not late your installment and pay your all installment on time. Consequently you will be credible and whenever you need some loan in future everyone will lend you easily.
So these are some brief tips about to not get bad debt, you should follow these and to sake of yourself from bad debt.