Sunday, February 28, 2016

Six Things to Consider When Setting Up A Spa in Your Home

An increasing number of people are setting up spas in their homes. Although the cost of materials and installation are relatively high, their presence increases properly value by nearly 10 to 12%, and rentals by 15 to 20%.
If you are thinking about setting up a spa in your home, you should consider following six steps:
Size. The size of a spa to accommodate a spa (consisting of a Jacuzzi, Sauna and steam room) should range between 180 to 250 square feet.
Jacuzzi's. You can either install a ready made portable whirlpool of have one custom made, according to your taste in terms if size, shape and materials used.
Cost: Ready made - $ 10,000; customized $ 250 - 500 per square feet.
Saunas. the primary components of a sauna include a stove (heater) that provides dry heat, as well as wooden paneling for the floor and the walls. Remember, a sauna must have a window to allow ventilation when it is not in use.
Cost: $ 2,000 - 4,500.
Steam Rooms. A shower cubicle can be converted into a steam room by installing steam injectors and seating. Avoid false ceilings, as there are prone to mold and fungi due to humidity.
Cost: $ 500 - 700.
Lighting. Dimmer equipped spotlights and string lights work best. Popular colors include blue, orange, red and warm white.
Cost: $ 80 - 150 per light.
Tiles. Miniature mosaic patterns in tones such as green, brown and blue are ideal;they should be waterproof to ensure safety and reduced maintenance costs.
Cost: $ 120 - 350 per square feet.