Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Soccer World Cup Win Can Boost The Netherlands Economy

If Holland wins Sundays world cup final, the Netherlands economy could be boosted by up to 3.8 billion euros as the Dutch spends more when they are on high, economists says.
Economist predict that's a Dutch victory in soccer wold cup final will add .5 per cent of the gross domestic product to the economy over the next year. If Netherlands will wins on Sunday evening that will be good for Dutch self-confidence, which is good for consumer confidence.
Charles Kalshoven, chief economist for Duct Bank ING, said euphoric moments have proved in the past prompted the Dutch to loosen their pursue settings. :It is a psychological effect. We also see it when the weather is good. When it is a long rainy winter, consumer confidence is lower." Kalshoven however was more cautious about the windfall in case of a world cup victory, forecasting as additional 700 million euros in consumer spending to the end of this year a rise of .25 per cent.
The amounted to a boost of 0.1 per cent to the economy, he said, about 600 million euros : as some of the benefit will leak abroad". When the feels-good factors kicks in we can expect that people ill make some of those large purchases that they have been postponing.
Bloemer said victory would improve the Netherlands economy, generally contributing to long term consumer and investor confidence.
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