Monday, October 11, 2010

Building PR In Real Estate:Real Estate Pakistan

Most real estate agencies lose business due to one basic reason: they do not bother to call clients, once the deal is completed. Nor do they maintain a database of those clients with whom deals could not be completed and a result lose out on an opportunity to maintain goodwill in the market. The fact of the matter is that real estate agencies are more earned inclined to earn revenues rather then build credibility and do not bother to allocate a separate budget properly put together a list of clientele.
Here are few tips that can make real estate agencies more effective in building PR:
1) Develop a comprehensive website of a real estate agency describing the areas of expertise.
2) Send E-mails to prospective clients, describing the salient features of the properties from inventory list.
3) participate in events and program that can give maximum exposure to your real estate agency.
4) Develop a working relationship with people who have authority and can take decision to buy, sell or rent properties. Be proactive and send them relevant news and articles from time to time.
5) Publish articles online to your position your agency as a leader in the field.
6) Find out what kind of properties your target audience is searching for on the internet.
7) Conduct real estate seminars to spread information among property buyers and sellers. If the seminar become popular, invite the local media to attend for print and electronic coverage.
PR can strengthen your real estate marketing program with credibility and targeted exposure for the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, but it requires patience and persistent. Remember that although real estate PR takes time and effort, the results end up in financial gains.
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