Sunday, April 10, 2011

Building A Mall: Building A Shopping Mall

A shopping mall is classified as a building that comprises multiple shops of varying sizes within an enclosed space. Shopping malls can only be constructed on commercial plots that measure at least 4,000 sq yards.
The construction of a mall must adhere to government bylaws. These include:
1. Before starting construction, the site plan must be approved by the concerned authority.
2. The minimum size of a shop is 100 sq ft with a minimum height of 10 ft.
3. Multi-stories structures must have provisions for staircases, elevators and escalators.
4. Corridors must be at least 30 ft wide to ensure that people can walk through them comfortably.
5. A parking facility should be in place , either in the basement of the mall, or on the upper floors.
6. Proper fire fighting systems with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and clearly marked emergency exits, should be in place each floor.
7. Adequate restroom facilities must be provided in proportion to the covered area (e.g for 4,000 sq feet of covered area, atleast four toilets and two wash basins should be available.)
Features that are not mandatory but should be in place include:
1. A standby generator.
2. A food court.
3. A cinema hall.
4. A children's play area, and a day-care centre.
5. A medical facility with competent staff to handle emergencies.
6. Safety features including non-skid flooring and high railings on upper floors; glass doors should clearly be marked with red stickers to prevent accidents.

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