Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rent A Summer Timeshare- And Save

Timeshare refers to the partial ownership of a property (usually a fully furnished summer home or resort conodominium) which allows each owner to use the property for a specified amount of time every year.
If you are not interested in actually buying a timeshare, you may want to consider renting one, as timeshare owners sometimes rent out their timeshare as an extra source of income.
Renting a timeshare property usually proves to be a cost effective alternative to staying at a hotel and can be an ideal option if you travel to the same destination every year.
There are several ways to rent a timeshare:
1. Fixed: You can use the property for the same amount of time, during the same dates, every year. (For example, the second week of June every year.)
2. Floating: You can use a property for the same amount of time during a specific season (For example, summer) on different dates every year. (For example, the first week of May in the first year, and the second week of June the following year.)
3. Rotating: You can use the property for the specified amount of time on an ongoing rotating basis every year. (For example, the first week of July in the first year, the second week of July in the following year, and so forth).
The following are approximate weekly rental rates for timeshare properties in some popular holiday destinations:
1. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur/LangKawi):$50-600.
2. Sri Lanka (Colombo/Wadduwa): $450-750.
3. Singapore: $1,012-1,376.
4. Thailand (bangkok/Phuket): $75-400
5. turkey (Istanbul/Antalya): $1,250-1800.
6. UAE (Dubai): $1,295-1,750.
7. UK (London): $ 330-825.
The best way to rent a timeshare is by making an online booking or contacting a travel agent.

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