Thursday, June 2, 2011

DHA business zone:Business Hub

Located on Beach Avenue in Defense Phase VIII, the DHA Business Zone is currently under planning and promises to be a lucrative opportunities for investors. The development of the Business Zone is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2011 and experts in the real estate sector think that it will be an ideal venue for big brands and organizations looking for commercial office space or retail outlets that conform to international standards.
Here are the salient features for potential investors:
  • Unlike other commercial areas in DHA, where the size of the plots are limited to 100 or 200 sq yds, the DHA business Zone offers plots measuring 333,666 and 5,000 sq yds. The Zone has a total of 54 plots: 19 plots measure 333 sq yds, 27 plots measure 666 sq yds and eight plot measure 5,000 sq yds.
  • Plot prices range between Rs. 125,000 and 150,000 per sq yd; prices are expected to rise when development begins and the demand for property goes up.
  • Building bylaws in the Zone differ from other commercial areas in DHA and include:
  • Priority to office buildings.
  • Retail outlets and restaurants may only be established on the ground and first floors of each building.
  • Plots cannot be used for residential or educational purposes.
  • Buildings must be disabled accessible and centrally air-conditioned.
  • Minimum sizes for shops are 200 sq ft with a minimum width of 12 ft.
  • Minimum sizes for office spaces are 1,000 sq ft.
  • The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) is 1:5 which means that the built up area of a building can be five times as much the plot size. For example, a building on a 333 sq yd plot can have a built up area of 1,665 sq yds.
  • Only plot measuring 5,000 sq yds and above can be bifurcated into two separate plots of the same size.

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