Monday, March 14, 2016

Three Ways To Make a Functional Room in Your Home

A trend emerging among homeowners is to have a “functional room” within their houses or apartments. These spaces usually serve as laundry rooms, studies or storerooms. Their presence increases property value by an estimated five to seven percent and rentals by two to three percent. 

The return on investment (ROI) ranges between six to eight percent per year.

If you are planning to incorporate a functional room into your home, following are the three factors you should consider:
1.      Space. The minimum size of a functional room should be at least 50 square feet and should ideally have a door that serves as an entry / exit point into the apartment or house. The easiest thing to do is to convert a spare room into a functional one. If you do not have a spare room, consider converting a terrace or balcony into one- if space allows. The option works well for both apartments and houses. In the case of a house, the area below a staircase can work equally well if it I spacious enough.
Construction / renovation cost - $ 1500 – 2000.
2.      The basics. Matte tiles in dark colors such as dark green, steel grey and terracotta are easy to maintain and give a natural feel to the space. In the case of a laundry room, include a sink and counter space; the latter can be used as an ironing board or as a workstation in the case of a study. Shelves are a must-have for functional rooms as they can be used for a variety of purposes.
Cost – tiles: $ 150 – 180 per sq ft; sink / wash basin: $ 2000 – 3000
3.      Lighting. In addition to spotlights, consider using skylights or glass bricks in place of walls to allow natural light. Louvers are another option, these can be substituted for windows or even be fitted within doors that serves as entrances.
4.      Cost – spotlights: $ 50 – 80 (each); glass bricks: $ 20 – 35 per brick; skylights: $ 200 to 250; louvers: $ 150 to 200 per sq ft.

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